Hard Breaka & Boombaclaat

Gambian Reggae Artist meets Reggae-Riddim-Band located in Bremen

HARD BREAKA , his name is Mamut Jeng. He was born in Farafenni, north part of the Gambia West Africa. Artist and producer of Reggae Yard Records, located in Bremen, Germany.  Hard Breaka started as a recording artist in the year 2002 at Hi Tech 2000, Bull Duff Records. His first single Wonders and Signs was released in the year 2003, this was his break true to take part in national and international events as a performing artist. Music has been always part of his life from the society he was born. Music plays an important role, it has the power to bring the people together from different generation, culture and tradition, one love one people, no separation equal rights and justice for all. That's Hard Breakas message spreading with his music. The name Hard Breaka means breaking to pass true the wicked system and to put down the walls and barriers in our souls and minds. The first international album "Revolution" was released in 2017 Digital and CDs.


Boombaclaat is not just Hard Breakas backing band that performs his songs live, they also become creative writing riddims that fit to Hard Breakas vocals and lyrics and give them energy and soul, especially for a stunning live experience. Musically influenced by jamaican music, from Roots Reggae to Dancehall they sound organic and naturally with Drums, Bass, Guitar, Trombone and Sax. After a period of jamming and creating riddims, Boombaclaat got to know Hard Breaka and they focused on preparing to combine their music and create a liveset with both Hard Breaka songs and Boombaclaats riddims.

From Gambia to Bremen, from Roots to Dancehall - Hard Breaka & Boombaclaat.


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